Diwali Greetings

Diwali Greetings
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Earlier in the day i received the below message as a forward for Deepavali wishes. I thought it was so apt and right – that i will share it with the fellow JTN readers.

Six things we traditionally do during Diwali, which if we do with understanding would make our Diwali spiritual and meaningful;
1. Cleaning of house – Let us also clean our mind of all the accumulated dirt
2. We buy/ bring in new things – let us acquire true knowledge
3. We eat sweets – let us share and sweeten other life, specially the under privileged
4. We light lamps- let us light lamp of knowledge and spread it
5. We do Laxmi Puja – let us pray for furtherance of our spiritual wealth
6. We burst crackers – let us burst our ego – noise less

With that note, i would like to wish everyone a very happy and a prosperous festival of light. Take this festival as a reason to spread more joy, smiles, colors and light into the life of the people near and dear to you. Hoping everyone is having a fantastic festivity at home.

Once again Diwali Greetings to all

– Shiv


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