December 2010 Wallpaper and Calendar | Elephant Scape from Corbet



I know all of you were wondering where November 2010 Wallpaper and Calendar went missing, I have to confess and admit that I was left handicapped with no digital tools like either system to process nor post processing tools with me. But now that everything is there, setting up is a huge task and looks like even entire December will be spent setting up all from scratch. Planning to completely move my DAM into Lightroom along with Photoshop CS5 for processing. The new workflow has been put in place which now requires all my photos to go into and external drive and get synced up between multiple systems so that i have multiple backups and also have enough external HDD which i carry along when am on trip. How this workflow actually works and what all things and new gadgets and softwares are involved i shall be writing about it during end of December. But until then I have other stuff lined up in the blog line including some photostories from Ladakh/Spiti, Some print collection from Corbett, Some Travel and Culture related photo essays (all of which are still in concept and will see light this month). More than this have some really excited thing coming up during mid of this month which i cannot speculate much now but will just request all JTN viewers to just stay hooked on to my twitter/facebook/blog for the announcement.

So wishing you a very good countdown for the end of 2010.

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