Death is a part of Life


It indeed is, its a part of everyone’s life. We need not wait for it, it will come when the right time has come. 

Started my day with one of the most devastating news i could have ever got in the recent times. Lost my maternal grandma who was battling with life for more than two weeks in the hospital in an unconscious state. For people around me and also who have been following me on my blog or on twitter might have noticed the regular “medical emergency” tags since November last year. Yes it was my dear granny for whom we were all worried since last 8 months. She had a couple of miraculous life threatening escapes over the last few months, but being aged does mean that someone out there is waiting for her at the heavens doors. I was born and bought up in her cousy little house in Mysore and most of my childhood holidays was spent being with her during my school vaccations. And today, two decades later i have to bid her farewell in a most heartening way. It takes much more than courage to see her last journey in her life draped in a bright green saree with people standing around her bidding a tearful adieu. We had been praying for her recovery every single day and had been visiting her every other week and ensuring all the best possible medical attention is given to her so that we can see her back in home smiling and doing her day2day activities, but looks like our dear God had different plans for her. I really from the bottom of my heart wish and pray to god that may her soul rest in peace.

The only thing i could say now and for ever would be – “Thankyou for all your love and care, Love  you and miss you ajji.”


Archie & Shivu


  1. This is ultimate truth. I hope you have courage to overcome this phase. There is no replacement for the loss.

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