Birds of the Himalayas

Verditer Flycatcher, Pangot, India
Verditer Flycatcher, Pangot, India

Not shooting much of wildlife in 2013 made me go back and dig into bit of my archives to figure out what all i have shot and what i have not so that i can plan for 2014 in a much better way. Whilst doing so went through the collection of birds of Himalayas shot during trips to Spiti, Ladakh, Pangot and few other places in between. Sharing them with you guys in case i havent in the past. So how has 2014 started for you folks in terms of wildlife and travel ? Whats that one birding or wildlife place which you have thought you have to make a visit this year ? I have ear marked few places which are pending from few years and few which i wanted to revisit – so in case our destinations match – we might as well travel together 🙂


  1. Nice collection. Note that the ‘Little Pied Flycatcher’ is a male Grey Bush Chat, and the ‘Plain-backed Thrush’ is a female Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush.

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