Best Beaches in and around Malpe, Udupi

Udupi is a temple town but it’s one place which is not short of some amazing coastline and beaches in the state. The coastal length of Karnataka is 280 Km which makes it the 7th longest coastline among all Indian states. And Malpe occupies one significant portion of this coastline. Below are three of the best beach that one can visit and enjoy as a Tourist while you are in and around Malpe.

Kadike Beach, Udupi

St Mary’s Island: Boat ferry from both Malpe harbor and also from Malpe beach. The cost of the ticket to take you to St Marys Island is around Rs 400/- per person for two ways. One way takes just less than 30mins in the boat and once you reach there you would be given approximately 45mins to spend on the island. One can outright say that you cant do justice to witnessing this place in just 45mins. Please note that plastic bottles and food items are not allowed to be carried inside the island and one needs to keep them in the makeshift cloak at the entrance of the island. Depending on which boat service you opted for you can return back to the mainland in one of the many boats which come for pickup every 45mins. The last boat service from the island is around 5 pm.

Delta Beach: Delta beach. Delta Beach is the place where the river meets the sea and this is inarguably one of those magical places where, unlike a regular beach where you have a 180-degree view of the sea, where you get to kind of see a 270 degree perspective of the beach. The roads leading to the delta beach are small and let you experience the true rural scenes of coastal Karnataka. There aren’t any shops or eateries and hence it’s suggested you carry your own bottle of water and maybe some snacks which you can much while sitting on the shore looking at the tiny ball of fire go down the horizon.

Malpe Beach: This beach is around 6km from the Udupi town and one can take an auto or cab or even a local bus to reach the place. Malpe is one of the many clean beaches in Udupi and one will definitely be impressed by the first sight of this beautiful place. There are many things that one can do while in Malpe beach. If you fancy walking then you can opt to go for the walk along the 500mts long sea walk or grab few snacks from the beachside shacks and sit on the sand and watch the sun go down. But if you are one of that adventurous kind then you have far more options than what you can imagine. There are options like parasailing, jet ski, banana boat ride, camel ride, or ATV ride along the beach that you can try out.

Bonus: Kadike Beach: This beach is found en route to the Delta point from Malpe Beach. The road that you take to reach Delta point runs parallel to this beach and one can stop the vehicle at a safe place on the roadside and walk about 100 mts or so to reach the Kadike beach. The best part of this beach is that there is noticeably less or no crowd that you bump into, it kind of ends up being a nice meditative place during the sunset. If you are staying close by then you can even opt to come here for a quick early morning jog. One needs to keep in mind that the walking path that one takes to reach the beach might cut across some private property so please be respectful of the place and also the locals.

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