Stone carving of Ganapati on a pillar in Melukote

Over the last weekend, i got a chance to play around with one more of the latest mirrorless camera formats and this time around it was the V1 from the Nikon arsenal. My friends over at BookMyLens were generous enough to loan me the camera for few days and i spent quite some time shooting with ( only ) it at the Vintage car rally organised by Karnataka Vintage and Classic Car Club at Taj Westend and also over at the Melukote temple near Mandya. Had a really fun time getting to understand and play around with tiny little machine. Its a very small formfactor system both in size and also the specifications but the ability to mount the Nikon F mount lenses using the dedicated mount provided by Nikon makes it a really good warrior on the field. I would be detailing some goods and bads about this system as what i saw it and from totally my perspective in the coming weeks. But until then enjoy couple of images made from it, including a panoramic view of the Mandya region as seen from Melukote yoga narasimha temple. All the images in this post are shot on the Nikon V1. If any of you are interested in laying your hands on this camera, head down to BML site and book one for yourself right away. Don’t treat this as a complete replacement for a DSLR system, but the form factor and also the versatility is what makes this one a really good camera to have as B or C camera when your main lenses are mounted on your DSLRs. Feel free to drop in your questions if you have any in comments below or through mail about this camera and i shall try to see if i can address them for you.

Pillars and gopura in the Melukote temple

Panoramic view of Mandya as seen from Melukote Yoganarasimha temple

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