A stone will be a stone . . .

Stone Art

Yes indeed a stone will be a stone, a stone left to be in a state of equilibrium will continue to be a stone. Leaving the geeky things aside, all of us know a stone will continue to be a stone through out its life (if it really has one) until and unless compelled by an external force called a sculptor. In most or many of the cases it is upto the sculptor to decide if he wants the stone to be a stone, or make a statue of god or an art form or may be even a tombstone out of it. In either case, he is trying something to make sure something comes out of a stone which can change the whole value of the stone. If a stone sits there assuming it will become something or it wont become something – nothing really will happen. Maybe during the course of the time, a sculptor might be over trying to make something out of the stone which eventually leaves him with nothing but few pieces of useless stone and may be even a bruised fingers and bad memories.
This is exactly the same case with we human beings also. Either we are gonna live it or love it and that’s what life is all about. We either sit in one corner like a stone being stubborn and do what we do and be what we are or be a sculptor and change something out of the life. Sometimes we might be successful and sometimes fail bad. But its just that even a try will give us a feeling that we did something than reflecting the attitude of a stone and just be there. During this process we do mistakes and we do pay for it, but if we are able to learn from the mistake and ensure that we dont do it again, then that is what is separates us from rest of the world.

So eventually at the end of the day, a stone will be a a stone and we are who we are.

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