A ray of light and a new begining

ray of light, signs of a new begining

The title and probably the image above says it all, after about close to 2yrs keeping JTN as a blog oriented and not being able to showcase the latest images to all your JTN viewers in a properway, I decided to give it a new lease of life by showing it some light. Over the past week or so, I spent some time in un-doing and re-doing certain sections of my site which were hardly visited due to the whole point that it wasnt updated on time2time basis. So without further delay I present to you a re-incarnated and a much evolved www.journeythroughnature.com with loads of new stuff and few re-built stuff. In the new site you should now be able to see the main thing which is a re-vamped image gallery which has now been updated with quite a bit of unseen images till now and loads and loads planned to be uploaded in days to come. I have also introduced a separate page showcasing only the new uploads so that you don’t have to dig around in multiple gallery’s looking for the new images that i have uploaded. The images in this page will remain there until a new set of images comes and takes over this place. The blog also gets a small facelift which includes an option for you to read related posts at the end of the page, glance through all the topics under which i write my content, search for a specific entry or in simple subscribe to my feed to be delivered to your mail box everytime i write a new blog post. The site also gets two new sections with regard to visuals one called Vistas which is a collection of panoramic images and another Videos which is a gallery of my new found love which is filming and timelapse photography. There are still loads of things to be updated and some of which includes Resources page which will list everything and anything about photography, processing, techniques, inspirations and much more, Sales section which in matter of few days will have a estore using which you can buy framed prints directly from my site for selected images which will be printed on archival grade fine art paper/canvas. Though i have stopped my calendar & wallpaper series a while back, i shall still give option to viewers to opt for digital download of wallpapers of the images of their choice and option to print posters (on non archival paper of-course !) out of the images with any image in the gallery. All these and may be much more will start rolling out coming weeks – so your support and inputs are very crucial in getting things in place at the right time. Probaly a dozen or more of blogs are already on pipeline and some photo stories and few images uploads are already scheduled so you def gonna stay tuned to my twitter and facebook feed to ensure you don’t miss them out.

As before you can continue to get intimation reg uploads and updates through rss or my social media links given below and the new JTN is also available on googleCurrents (just search for “Journey Through Nature”) for all you iOS and Android lovers to enjoy the reading on the phone/tablets, plus not to forget the email delivery of the posts through feedburner. So i will end things here with words for now and leave you to stroll through the sites and let me know your feed back and comments and most importantly any bugs or issues that you find which you want me to address imtly. Finally thanks to few of my close buddies who were instrumental in getting the beta testing of the site and helped me get things in place in a very short period of time.


I personally don’t want to leave this here or stop and make you just come and go without anything as a takeaway gift. Starting today through 1st August, 2012 I want all you JTN viewers to head to the Contact section and leave your name, postal address and phone number so that i can send you a sweet little surprise gift. It really doesnt matter which part of India or World you are, until the fact that your name and address are right – you should have your goodies delivered to your house/office doorstep. Please do spread the word and make others also be a part of this small celebration that i am having. I always belive in “Sharing is Caring” so sharing the links through your social media and personal mailing groups would be really appreciated.

So until next time .. wish you good light !

Shivakumar L Narayan

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