2012 – a year of ups and downs and much more . .

Star Trails over Half Dome, Yosemite
Star Trails over Half Dome, Yosemite

All right, I have scheduled this post in such a way that, if all goes well with the so called “Doomsday” thingy – you will all be back in office on a friday morning ( in my part of the world ) and almost heading out to sleep on a late thursday night ( on the other side ) with each one of you making fun of yourself about the amount of fear you had reg the 21-12-2012 aftermath.

Anyways back to the point, my customary end of the year flashback post covering what happened and what not with regard to photography, life etc. In short and simple, 2012 was definitely not my type of year. It was a year which shot a bullet on my leg and forced me to slow down more than i could ever do. Everything ranging from personal issues, work commitments, loosing out on handful of family members in the first half of the year, lack of travel owing to all those and may be much much more but definitely out of scope of this blog which i want to keep very small and simple. From what i could see in my Lightroom 4 catalog and stats, more than 50% of the year i have not shot anything ( can also be read as not touched the camera ). Its an absolute shame considering that I never expected myself to someone who would do that, but few things just needs to be accepted as facts. Apparently about 80% of my “proper” shooting has happened only over the last 3 months ( I have about 10more days remaining in this month/year so I might be coming back to update this with some more very important info by 31st ).

To highlight a few “highs” of this year with regard to both personal front and from photography

* Doing more frequent visits to my home town than what i had done in the last 3 decades together

* Almost doing a late night shoot at the Mysore palace when the whole of the city was busy sleeping

* Being a tourist to my own hometown ( accompanied my friend from US for a one day tour to Mysore, something which when i sit back and recall I still get amused now )

* Partying at the David Guetta concert. Well i am a hardcore EDM addict, but if someone give you a birthday gift in form of a concert ticket of the World #1 DJ – what more can you ask in life

* Experiencing earthquake for the first time ( it was def worse than feeling giddy when tiered )

* Visiting Sirsi for my buddy Ashwin’s marriage ( I really envy people from this part of our state who gets to finish of weddings in such a silent manner unlike what happens in city )

* Bumping into the “Mirrorless camera” world. Lucky to have laid hands on and shot with cameras which were not even present in market for public to purchase & have completely bowled over by it

* Counting days and hours to watch TIMESCAPES – an epic astro timelapse non verbal movie by Tom Low. Having followed his work for over 2 years with making of this movie, realized it was one of the most inspirational thing to happen to me this year.

* Spending days & nights ( over weekdays and weekends ) working in office which I had lost touch of since close to 5yrs now

* The big break vacation to US of A to join my sis on a epic 2000mile road journey across South West. This probably gonna be my highlight of the life than just 2012. I think i have spent some of the most memorable moments in life in those 3 weeks

* Visiting Las Vegas – had heard too much about it and seen enough of it on TV, it was time to witness it live first hand

* Watching “the magician” David Copperfield live at MGM, Las Vegas

* Doing a pseudo “Timescapes Trail” in American South West and trying to visit as many places possible as done by Tom

* Staying up at the middle of the night and beyond with the partner in crime Adarsh at Yosemite and Monolake, followed by sleeping under a blanket of stars

* One of the biggest dream come true moment – meeting the living legend Chase Jarvis – the man himself whom i have admired and been inspired since the day i started my photography.

* Partying at Above&Beyond’s historic gig along with Rohit and a whole bunch of my buddies.

* Spending days and night chalking out ideas, strategies, plans, and much more with my big bro ( only by few days ) Rohit – which apparently will/has lead to a lot of changes in the way 2013 will be welcomed by me

* Kicking off something really interesting and big personal project with a bang ( more about this probably in the “2013 a year that was” blog post ) <i know many will be ready to beat me up for this>



* and many more …

* Surviving DoomsDay ofcourse !!!

(and may be i have lot more things to tell, but yeah there is still 10 more days and many more years to cherish all the good and bad things that has happened in this year.)

For now i will leave you with a small collection/gallery of the images that I felt were close to me this year.


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