1102 – Arches of Rajasthan – Retrospective

Firstly, its a very special day for me – its my sis birthday and as I always say – if not for her none of you ( including me ) would have either seen JTN or any of the images I have managed and will manage to capture. So heres me wishing my dear sis Archie a very happy and a wonderful birthday. This Rajasthan post is a special dedication from me to her.

I intentionally/un-intentionally covered the theme Arches which sort of co-incides with my sis’s nick name 😛 So without further delay here is a collection of 1102 images – if you were wondering what it is, its 11 normal size images and 2 massive panos at the end of this post (yeah ofcourse its 11-02 today which everyone knows).

Photograph of a haveli in Jaisalmer

Palace of mirrors in Amer Fort, Jaipur

Old wooden stairs at Amer Fort, Jaipur

Mayur Dwar, Jaipur City Palace

Window in Jaisalmer Golden Fort

Tunnel passage inside Jaipur City Palace

Sunset at Amer Fort, Jaipur

Supersticious Haveli in Jaisalmer

Carved Marble Arches in Jaipur City Palace

Pillars inside Amer Fort Jaipur

Amer Fort Entrance, Jaipur


Both of the below panoramic images are as a result of stitching about 3-5 induvidual images from a Canon 7D. Without any intrapolation, the stitched file can be printed at a minimum of 4ft in length, which probably would give you an idea as to how massive these files are ( the web version here wont do any justice ) and also the amount of details these files can hold.

Panoramic image of Mysore Palace at Night

Panoramic image of St Philomena Church, Mysore

The images above are available for commercial licensing and also as prints on fine art archival media in the desired size, please contact using the contact form above for costing details.

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